High Power Radio Frequency and Materials Laboratory

The High-Power High-Frequency and Materials Laboratory is hosted in the Valencia Space Consortium (VSC) – a non-profit organisation set up by Valencia’s two universities, its regional government and municipality – in Valencia, Spain.
High PowerRadio FrequencyMaterialsLaboratory

The ESA-VSC High Power Radio Frequency Space Laboratory specialises in radio frequency breakdown phenomena (Multipactor, Corona and Power Handling) and Passive Inter-modulation (PIM). 

The ESA-VSC European High Power Space Materials Laboratory specialises in investigating novel materials and surface treatments that can enhance the radio frequency power capabilities in modern satellites. 

For general enquires regarding this TEC location please refer to the assigned contacts:

David Raboso García-Baquero

Laboratory Manager
For testing requests, access to lab facilities, training and consultancy services, please refer to:


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High Power Radio Frequency Laboratory 

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