Agenda 2025

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher has worked with our Member States to define new priorities and goals for ESA for the coming years

The Director General has set high ambitions for space in Europe – while ESA has a huge role to play, it also requires cooperation with the European Union, space industry and the scientific community as well as the co-creation of a new vision for Europe in space.

ESA Agenda 2025 outlines the challenges ahead

In the first instance for the next four years but also for the longer term in maintaining and growing Europe’s role in the space economy. This means working with the European Union and with companies of all sizes involved in the space industry, as well as inspiring and encouraging educators, entrepreneurs and the next generation of space scientists and engineers, together with all the professions needed to make great space missions.
It also means developing the kind of programmes and missions of which ESA Member States can be proud – new flagship missions in cooperation with European Union member states, and ESA-led missions to expand our knowledge as well as protecting Earth and its orbital environment.

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