Why work in TEC?

Want to work on unique and challenging space projects that truly make an impact on our future lives?

Help foster innovation in the world of spaceflight technology? 

Work in a multicultural environment that respects and supports diversity? 

Live in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s most digital, lively and advanced societies?

Then join us in ESA’s TEC directorate!


Most of the TEC workforce is based at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

ESTEC is ESA’s technical heart - the incubator of the European space effort - where most Agency projects are born, and where they are guided through various phases of development. ESTEC hosts ESA’s test centre and teams are responsible for the technical preparation and management of ESA space projects, and for providing technical support to ESA’s missions, including space exploration and human spaceflight activities, focussed on our engineering laboratories.

Our working location is within walking distance of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and has well-equipped sports facilities including tennis courts and a gym, social clubs, three restaurants and lots of green space in which to relax or collaborate. 


At ESA, we are a family

A family of scientists, engineers and business professionals from all over Europe working together in a diverse and multinational environment.
ESA offers flexible working arrangements and multiple benefits so employees can achieve an optimum work-life balance

Inspired by the fascination of space, you will help develop cutting-edge technologies and prove their technical readiness and commercial viability for the market.


To build the future of spaceflight we need:

  • Engineers 
  • Scientists 
  • IT-specialists 
  • Technicians 

and many other professionals, to work together to bring new technologies to maturity, in the service of ESA and all of European society.

We recruit people

From all ESA Members States (22), together with Canada as a Cooperating State and Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia as Associate Member States.

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