Nicolas Bobrinsky | ESA Masterclass

The ESA Masterclass: Watch Nicolas Bobrinsky as he shares his wealth of knowledge and lessons learned during his journey at ESA. With 35 years of experience at ESA, Nicolas Bobrinsky is the former Head of Ground Systems Engineering & Innovation Department. He initiated and further managed the Space Situational Awareness and later the ESA Space Safety Programme. 

In a series of 4 videos, he shares his experience and insights on Innovation and Risk Management, Space Safety, People management and Teamwork and Excellence.

Innovation is triggered by many drivers. One of these is the constant need for ESA to develop innovative solutions, such as unique spacecraft technologies.

ESA Masterclass

Innovation and Risk Management

Satellites in orbit underpin our modern lives. They are used in many areas and disciplines, including space science, Earth observation, meteorology, climate research, telecommunication, navigation and human space exploration. However, as space activities have increased, a new and unexpected hazard has started to emerge: space debris.

In this second video, Nicolas looks back on the first key steps taken at ESA to develop the Space Safety Programme, devoted to the detection, prevention and mitigation of threats originating from space.

ESA Masterclass

Space Safety

In the third video, Nicolas shares some lessons learned in his decades as a team leader on what it takes to keep a team together through mutual trust and recognition and make all members work in a harmonious way, like singers of a well-tuned choir.

ESA Masterclass

People Management and Teamwork

The level of practical expertise, technical and operational expertise required to operate in such a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment such as space needs to be permanently developed and improved to maintain the technical excellence at the right level. But the constant improvement of the technical and operational knowledge is an exciting journey.

ESA Masterclass