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Nicolas Bobrinsky | ESA Masterclass


The ESA Masterclass: Watch Nicolas Bobrinsky as he shares his wealth of knowledge and lessons learned during his journey at ESA. With 35 years of experience at ESA, Nicolas Bobrinsky is the former Head of Ground Systems Engineering & Innovation Department. He initiated and further managed the Space Situational Awareness and later the ESA Space Safety Programme. 

In a series of 4 videos, he shares his experience and insights on Innovation and Risk Management, Space Safety, People management and Teamwork and Excellence.


Join the hive: send your ideas for CubeSat swarms


We all know the saying that there is strength in numbers. The next revolution in space technology could be the use of swarms of tiny spacecraft, called CubeSats, that work together to achieve things greater than what any lone spacecraft can. CubeSats, assemble! 


Renewed support for ESA innovation at Paris Ministerial


Member State delegations pledged a record-breaking €16.9 billion budget for ESA at last week's Council at Ministerial Level in Paris, including renewed support for dedicated R&D programmes employed by ESA’s Directorate of Technology, Engineering and Quality to invent the future in space.


Discovery funding transforms ESA patents into commercial success

Whether sending European spacecraft to distant frontiers, studying our home planet in greater detail than ever before, or designing new launch systems, ESA activities drive the development of new technologies.

These technologies can be protected as patents, which ESA makes available to entities in its Member States for research or commercial uses. But there is a long way to go before a patent becomes a product.


Pure gold pin for space testing

Although this pure gold pin is not much bigger than the tip of a pencil, it is the ‘pulsing heart’ of ESA’s Low Earth Orbit Facility, LEOX.

Part of the Agency’s Materials and Electrical Components Laboratory , based at ESA’s ESTEC technical centre in the Netherlands, this test facility is vital for developing materials capable of withstanding the highly-erosive individual oxygen atoms prevailing at the top of the atmosphere, the result of standard oxygen molecules of the same kind found just above the ground being broken apart by powerful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. 


Hera asteroid mission here


Proba-3: seeing in the dark


Ice Giant Exploration: Advancements in Atmospheric Entry Technology


Hera asteroid spacecraft assembled