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The right technology at the right time

The Technology Directorate at ESA owns a number of laboratories covering a wide range of expertise.  

The laboratories only provide specific support to ESA programmes by developing new experimental tools and analysis techniques, but also contribute to a larger ESA goal: the diffusion of space technology and knowledge into the wider economy.  

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TEC Thirdparty sales

Thirdparty sales

Benefits of Testing with ESA Consultancy

The Directorate’s primary goal is to ensure enabling technologies are available at the very point when new ESA and European missions need them – one definition of innovation being ‘the right technology at the right time’. 

Technology is also a key element of competitiveness that underpins the European space industry’s continued viability – considering that approaching 50% of its turnover comes from commercial global markets. Novel technologies open up fresh markets and enable innovative applications. 

Whenever ESA needs to run a test for a specific technology, our project teams are ready to support with technical and scientific expertise.

The same kind of service is also available to universities, research institutes and national agencies from ESA Member States. 

How it works

  • The partner makes a request to the Technical responsible. If not known, the request can be made to;
  • ESA provides a proposal and a contract with ESA Terms and Conditions; 
  • ESA provides on-site Security and Safety training and dedicated training when necessary to operate the equipment; 
  • ESA provides support when requested; 
  • ESA and Industry close the activity. 

“To unlock the potential of European space and non-space industry”


TEC laboratories are indeed used to support a wide range of external entities, such as:



Startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), mid-tier-size companies (Mid-tiers) and large system integrators (LSIs) 



Research institutes, universities and academic organisations



including international organisations, national space agencies, etc. 

What makes TEC laboratory facilities unique

A unique infrastructure accessible to European Industry

The fusion of the world-class technical competence of TEC experts with an advanced technical infrastructure environment

The central position of the Agency in coordinating, leading and harmonizing space policy in Europe 

A large number of aerospace engineering disciplines are represented 

The synergy of the laboratories

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