Technology coordination and planning

The Technology Coordination and Planning Office (TEC-H) is responsible for providing planning and coordination on technology across ESA and with external stakeholders, such as ESA Member States, the European Commission, industry, etc.
For any enquiries about this TEC office, please refer to the assigned contact:

Edmund Williams

Head of Technology Coordination & Planning Office

Technology Coordination

Contact point

The main responsibilities of TEC-H are: 

Piloting the European Space Technology Harmonisation leading to roadmaps agreed by national and European institutions and industry, and monitoring the implementation of these roadmaps

Leading coordination with the European Commission and the European Defence Agency (EDA) on Critical Space Technologies for European Non-Dependence 

Organising the TEC Directorate-level bilateral meetings with Member States and the tracking across the Directorate of bilaterals with Member States

Evolving the Agency-wide technology process as required to improve efficiency and use - including the supporting tools
Monitoring the implementation of the agreed work plans

Coordinating the ESA Competence Domains and the ESA TECNET Working Groups