Incredibile opportunities to improve your network, knowledge and skills

ESA’s TEC Directorate regularly organises events covering a diverse range of the topics related to space technology.

These events are targeted at specific audiences or can be completely open to anyone interested. They can be hosted in physical locations or held online, and can also feature exhibitors and side events.

Regardless, all of them provide great opportunities to network with Europe’s spaceflight community and to learn from experienced professionals.

You will find below a list of our events.

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Highlighted events

Simulation for European Space Programmes (SESP)


1st Space Microwave Week

Start dateStart timeLocationCategoryTitle
Start date28.03.2023Start time08:00LocationESA ESTECCategoryESTEC eventsTitleSimulation for European Space Programmes (SESP)
The Workshop on Simulation for European Space Programmes (SESP) has been organised by ESA on a bi-annual basis since 1990. In 2010, the scope of SESP was widened to include the subject areas of the closely associated Workshop on Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), which until then has been organized as a separate event since 1992. SESP became therefore the Workshop on Simulation and EGSE for Space Programmes.
Start date08.05.2023Start time08:00LocationESA ESTECCategoryESTEC eventsTitle1st Space Microwave Week
The aim of Space Microwave Week is to offer a new flagship international forum where microwave, millimetre-wave and terahertz technology developers, equipment designers, systems developers, operators, experts, universities, users and space agencies can openly network, discuss their ideas, share their experiences and formulate the challenges to be met.
Start date12.06.2023Start time08:00LocationSopot, PolandCategoryEvents&WorkshopsTitle12th International Conference on Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems (GNC)
Start date02.10.2023Start time08:00LocationElche (Alicante, Spain)CategoryEvents&WorkshopsTitle13th European Space Power Conference – ESPC 2023
13th European Space Power Conference – ESPC 2023 - will be held from the 2nd to the 6th of October 2023 in Elche (Alicante, Spain).
Start date02.10.2023Start time08:00LocationJuan-Les-Pins (French Riviera)CategoryEvents&WorkshopsTitleEuropean Data Handling & Data Processing Conference – EDHPC 2023